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  • Parking Warning Sticker -Extreme Adhesive

    Parking Warning Sticker -Extreme Adhesive


    Warning Sticker: "Please refrain from parking in this area". Use this windscreen sticker to help eliminate unauthorised parking within your car park area. This warning notice sticker uses an adhesive which is tough to remove from the glass by the driver...

  • Parking Violation Sticker - Roll of 150

    Parking Violation Sticker - Roll of 150


    This A5 size warning sticker is an ideal deterrent to unauthorised parking. The warning sticker contains a general warning that the driver has illegally parked on a premises. The parking violation notice is a proven simple deterrent to unauthorised...

  • Warning Sticker Private Area Red - Roll 250

    Warning Sticker Private Area Red - Roll 250


    The Warning Private Area stickers can be applied directly to a car window to deter drivers from illegally parking in a premises. The Warning Sticker Text reads: "WARNING You have parked in a PRIVATE car parking area. Your vehicle registration has been...

  • Parking Notice Enclosed Sticker

    Parking Notice Enclosed Sticker


    Used to attach your documentation to offending cars. The Parking Notice Sticker will keep these documents dry and away from the weather that may remove or damage them traditionally. The Parking Notice Sticker is perfect in that it will not give the...

  • Triangular London Wheel Clamp

    Triangular London Wheel Clamp


    The clamping contractors favourite wheel clamp - the Triangular London Wheel Clamp is a one-piece product that fits a wide range of vehicles, from any standard sized vehicle up to most 4x4's.  With a tough steel design these wheel clamps are perfect...

  • No Parking Stickers - Regular Adhesive

    No Parking Stickers - Regular Adhesive


    The Parking Warning Windscreen Stickers - Regular Adhesive are ideal for deterring first time parking offenders from parking illegally on your premises again.  Each roll comes with 250 individual stickers that can be easily applied direct to an...

  • HGV Triangular Wheel Clamp

    HGV Triangular Wheel Clamp


    The HGV Wheel Clamp is perfect for immobilising larger vehicles such as trucks, vans and 4x4s.  Each wheel clamp comes with a 10mm thick hardened chain which helps to ensure that the clamp remains in position at all time while in use.  To lock...

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