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  • FED Security Padlock

    FED Security Padlock


    The heavy-duty padlock is extremely durable and will withstand cutting, sawing, prying and hammer attacks. The solid steel body ensures that you do not have to worry about people removing it. The FED security padlock is a popular choice throughout Ireland

  • De-icing Salt/Grit Bin

    De-icing Salt/Grit Bin


    The De-icing Salt bin has a wide opening to allow for easy filling and extraction of grit, salt or sand. It can be used to store whatever loose item you wish - ideal for storage of granular de-icing salt.  The top of the bunker is designed to...

  • Snow Shovel

    Snow Shovel


    The Snow Shovel is perfect for using in the harsh Winter weather, ideal for clearing driveways, paths, entrances and more and helping to establish a sure footing for pedestrians in the area once the snow hits. The highly durable snow shovel is...

  • Flexbrite Fixing Set (bag of 15)


    Flexbrite Fixing Set (bag of 15)


    The Flexbire Fixing Set can be used with a number of our products here at Pittman. The fixings provide a strong foundation for installing bollards, speed bumps, bike racks and more.  The toughened fixings are perfect for fast install with a standard...

  • Hand Tally Counter - Base Mounted, 4 Counters

    Hand Tally Counter - Base Mounted, 4 Counters


    You can trust the Hand Tally Counter - Base Mounted from Pittman to deliver accuracy in counting. Tally counters have long been trusted to make the recording of amounts an effortless process. They work by allowing the user to count items or...

  • Hand Tally Counter - Electronic (Up only)

    Hand Tally Counter - Electronic (Up only)


    The Hand Tally Counter with Electronic Up only selector is a fantastic battery operated alternative to the traditional mechanical hand tally. It offers increased accuracy and ease of use with its large push-to-count button and LCD display. With...

  • Hand Tally Counter - Electronic (Up and Down)

    Hand Tally Counter - Electronic (Up and Down)


    The Hand Tally Counter – Electronic (Up and Down) offers more than just an easy solution to manual counting as it offers you specialised counting based in unparalleled accuracy. The electronic up and down actuator allows you to count both...

  • Trumeter Desk Tally Counter

    Trumeter Desk Tally Counter


    The Trumeter Desk Tally Counter on sale from Pittman is the ideal purchase for anyone who hopes to obtain precise figures during counting. Tally counters make keeping track of amounts effortless as they simply require that you press a button for every...

  • Trumeter Hand Tally Counter


    Trumeter Hand Tally Counter


    The Trumeter Hand Tally Counter clicks up one for each depress of the button. Counting up to 9999, this hand tally counter resets using a dial on the right hand side. Fitting snugly into the hand, this mechanical hand tally counter comes with a ring for...

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