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PITTMAN have the largest stocks of self-adhesive line marking tape ready for next day delivery throughout Ireland – ideal for marking out warehouses, workplaces and sports halls.
Line Marking Tape has many advantages over paint as a way to mark out lines, since paint can be time-consuming to apply and remove, as well as being messy. There is also an element of downtime involved while the paint dries. Tape on the other hand doesn’t involve excess disruption, is quick and easy to affix and is ready to be put into service as soon as it is applied. There are also no annoying fumes making it safe for use in catering, food manufacturing and pharmaceutical facilities for an effect that’s smart and efficient.
Our ProLine floor line marking tape 50mm is available in two widths and comes in a variety of colours including yellow/black, red/white and green/white to alert people to potential health and safety hazards. Line marking tape can be used to section off stock in warehouses or mark out transport routes, to demarcate pedestrian walkways and traffic ways and can be applied around entrances and exit routes. Our premium German manufactured brand tape is extra thick and durable, and so will last for the long term. Once applied it is easy to replace when it does eventually begin to wear out or if the demarcation area is required to be changed.
Pittman’s floor tapes also come as part of a kit, our Floor Tape Line Marking Machine Kit taking the time and effort out of applying tape to floors by hand. Tape is easy to apply even in the largest of surface areas without the resulting annoying air bubbles that often result when applying tape. The wheeled applicator offers excellent mobility allowing users to create straight, accurate lines, every time. Once parameters have been drawn the machine simply requires rolling along the lines and tape is laid down. The applicator can be re-filled with tape as required.
Kits come supplied with 2 rolls of line marking tape, chalk and a trimming knife. The applicator is Ideal for use where a large volume of tape needs to be applied for example in schools and warehouses, or at sports facilities and in factories.

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