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Our popular Proline line marking paint kit contains everything you need to paint accurate, durable lines in car parks, warehouses or in the school yard. Easy to assemble and featuring wheels to allow for easy mobility, kits come equipped with two tins Proline paint which is suitable for use on a variety of surfaces including concrete and asphalt. Available in seven colours paint is quick-drying thereby reducing disruption time.
The Proline Line Marker Hand Liner can be used with Stencil Kits to create quick and easy designs. The trigger type handle makes it easy to customise lines. Our range of fluorescent paint enables you to quickly highlight emergency exits, supply roads and crime scenes. Those in charge with marking sports pitches will find the Sport Striper Pitch Line Marking Kit invaluable, featuring everything required to mark pitches for rugby, football and more.
Our line marking tape also comes in a kit form, our Floor Tape Line Marking Machine Kit taking the time and effort out of applying tape to floors. The wheeled format offers excellent mobility and enables users to create straight, accurate lines. Kits come supplied with 2 rolls of tape, chalk and a trimming knife. Ideal for use where a large volume of tape needs to be deployed for example in schools, warehouses, at sports facilities or in factories. The highly durable floor tape is available in a variety of colours including emergency colours to alert people to potential hazards. Tape can be used to cordon off stock or mark out transport routes too, and mark aisles, traffic ways and entrances.
Our Anti Slip Safety Flooring features a Walking Man symbol, and is ideal for use in warehouses and factories, instantly providing a safe, highly visible walkway for pedestrians. Also useful for ensuring forklift drivers and other warehouse vehicles avoid places designated as walking areas. The non-slip surface remains skid-free even when wet, making it perfect for use in greasy industrial environments where there is risk of oil spillage. Length of flooring can be customised and fitted according to individual requirements.

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