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  • PROline Outdoor Floor Paint


    PROline Outdoor Floor Paint


    PROline-paint Outdoor Industrial Floor Coating is a most extremely tough and durable single-component paint, especially suitable for use outdoors. PROline-paint is suitable for applying to concrete, screed, asphalt and compositestone surfaces...

  • Sport Striper Pitch Line Marking Kit

    Sport Striper Pitch Line Marking Kit


    Marking clear and easy to see lines on sporting pitches has just become easier thanks to the sport striper pitch line marking kit from Pittman. A clearly marked sports pitch is essential to playing games such as football, rugby, Gaelic football or even...

  • Walking Man Stencil - Polycarbonate


    Walking Man Stencil - Polycarbonate


    The walking man stencil symbol is a popular stencil required by a lot of road or line marking crews when in a busy car park, school premises or similar area. The polycarbonate design of this stencil makes it ideal for multiple uses, great for taking with...

  • Number Stencil Set - Polycarbonate


    Number Stencil Set - Polycarbonate


    The Number Stencil Kit provides a quick and easy means of deploying numbers on the ground, great for car parks, school grounds or similar areas when it comes to traffic and area management. Each kit contains one of each number from 1-9 and can be...

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