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  • Cable Protector Roll 20mm


    Cable Protector Roll 20mm


    The Cable Protector Roll 20mm provides excellen protection to hoses and cables when and where needed most, ideal where trucks, forklifts or cars may be in use.  Each cable protector comes in a 10 metre roll which can be easily cut to suit the...

  • Multi Max Chain Posts

    Multi Max Chain Posts


    The Multi Max Chain Posts are a perfect addition to any busy area where pedestrians and vehicle traffic are on the move. The highly visible posts can be equipped with chain to help block off out of bounds areas or to deter entry or exit from a particular...

  • Ultra Expandable Barrier


    Ultra Expandable Barrier


      The Ultra Expandable Barrier is ideal for outdoor use, as the end columns can be filled with water to keep it upright in strong winds. It stretches out to 2.2 metres, and when it’s folded it is only 14.5cm wide. The great thing about...

  • HR2 Cable Protection Ramp - Extra Heavy Duty


    HR2 Cable Protection Ramp - Extra Heavy Duty


    The HR2 Cable Protection Ramp lets you drive over cables, hoses and pipes without causing them damage. The tough rubber has been tested with HGV’s, allowing you to work without having to move wires every time a vehicle needs to pass by. The...

  • Orthomat® Standard Anti-Fatigue Mat

    Orthomat® Standard Anti-Fatigue Mat


    The Orthomat Anti Fatigue Matting can be used to prevent workers from feeling strains or pains from standing for long periods of time when in the workplace. Anti-fatigue matting is ideal for the likes of packing areas, assembly lines, work stations and...

  • Moravia

    Black Bull Heavy Duty Bollard L


    The Black Bull Heavy Duty Steel Bollard can be installed into your warehouse, car park or entrance quickly and easily and provides excellent protection to nearby infrastructue and assets when needed most. These heavy duty bollards are hot dip galvanised...

  • Black Bull Steel Hoop Guards


    Black Bull Steel Hoop Guards


    Use steel hoop guards in the UK at your factory, warehouse, loading dock, commercial entrance or exit or in any other place where visible segregation of space is needed. Use them to separate different zones within your area, such as where vehicles and...

  • Superdry Entrance Matting

    Superdry Entrance Matting


    The Superdry Entrnace Matting can be installed into place with ease and provides instant benefits for the said business. Each mat helps to stop dirt and debris from moving beyond a business entrance - helping you to cut down on your expensive cleaning...

  • Proline Industrial Floor Paint


    Proline Industrial Floor Paint


    An extremely tough and durable single-component synthetic resin based paint for interior use on highly trafficked floors. Fast drying, with excellent covering properties.Dirt repellent, easy to clean.No mixing of components required.Wear-resistant and...

  • Aluminium Transport Cases


    Aluminium Transport Cases


    The aluminium transport cases, also referred to as equipment cases, are specifically designed for the safekeeping and transport of high-value and sensitive goods. Made from highly durable aluminium these transport cases are ideal for transporting...

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