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  • XPT Steel Wheel Stop


    XPT Steel Wheel Stop


    The Van Wheel Stop is the perfect product for preventing vans or LGVs from moving past a certain point.  The Van wheel stop can be quickly and easily installed into warehouses, freight depots and courier centres where there is frequent van traffic...

  • LGV Heavy Duty Wheel Stop

    LGV Heavy Duty Wheel Stop

    The LGV Heavy Duty Wheel Stop is perfect for installing into car parks or freight depots where there is LGV or van activity.  Installing these wheel stops is a perfect way to bring vehicles to a stop at a particular point - this not only helps to...

  • GHP Truck Wheel Stop

    GHP Truck Wheel Stop


    The GHP Truck Wheel Stop is a highly durable, highly effective parking kerb that is ideal for use in areas where HGV and truck traffic is quite frequent.  These rubber wheel stops are excellent at marking areas in parking bays or spaces and help...

  • HGV Dock Wheel Stop

    HGV Dock Wheel Stop


    The HGV Dock Bumper 1200mm is a perfect solution to stopping HGVs and large vehicles from moving beyond a particular area, providing robust protection for loading bays, loading docks and more. Each unit is made from high quality hot-dip galvanised steel...

  • MKII HGV Wheel Stop

    MKII HGV Wheel Stop


    The MKII HGV Wheel Stop will bring lorries and trucks to a stop within a parking bay. These hgv wheel stops are ideal for protecting nearby equipment and assets. They are also perfect for reducing the risk of vehicles colliding within an area. Each...

  • Economy Steel Wheel Stops - 2500mm x 170mm

    Economy Steel Wheel Stops - 2500mm x 170mm


    Economy Steel Wheel Stops are hard wearing, resistant parking guides allowing you to safely and easily park vans and other LGV’s. The galvanised steel is perfect for outdoor use, with 5 base plates allowing you safely secure the parking guide to...

  • Economy Steel Wheel Stops - 600mm x 100mm

    Economy Steel Wheel Stops - 600mm x 100mm


    The Economy Steel Wheel Stop is great for LGVs and van parking. It’s tougher than our rubber wheel stops, allowing light goods vehicles to strike the steel tube and stop. It’s made from a 114mm ø steel tube which is welded to a...

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