Plastic Wheel Stops

plastic wheel stops

Reduce Vehicle Collisions in Car Parks with Plastic Wheel Stops

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Plastic wheel stops provide an efficient means of bringing cars to a stop within parking spaces. By bringing vehicles to a stop they can reduce the risk of vehicle collisions with other vehicles and local infrastructure. Once in place the driver can enter a car parking space and will immediately be alerted by the bump of their tyres against the plastic kerb.

Plastic wheel stops offer excellent benefits compared to other alternatives.

  • Highly durable plastic - will not chip, rot or crack while in use. They are much better wearing than concrete options
  • Can be easily replaced if damaged
  • Cost-effective - cheaper to install per parking space compared to concrete wheel stops
  • Easy installation - install a single unit in approximately 30 minutes
plastic wheel stops

Plastic kerbs will not splinter or crack while in use. The highly durable HDPE design makes them ideal for long term use with cars. This makes them suitable as long term protectors for assets and vehicles in all manner of car parks.

The lighter design of the plastic wheel stops makes them easier to transport and install on site. While they are rigid, they are also very easy to install. The Parker 1100 Wheel Stop for example only uses three fixing points per unit.

Consider rubber wheel stops if you need a more flexible option for uneven surfaces. The rubber design is just as durable as the plastic and provides similar longevity while in use.

Plastic will not work for truck wheel stops. For heavy-duty needs consider rubber and steel designs.

plastic kerbs

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