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At Pittman we have a vast variety of warehouse bollards that are perfect for providing protection to nearby assets, machinery, walls or walkways and assist in keeping areas in perfect working order. Our range of warehouse bollards consists of many different types and sizes of bollards that provide protection on many levels.
For the best protection why not try our Black Bull Heavy Duty bollards, ideal for the roughest of environments and excellent protection and durability while they are in use.
What can the Black Bull Heavy Duty bollards do?
The Black Bull warehouse bollards can be installed quickly and easily into the area you need them most and can prevent nearby assets from taking damage, especially nearby pillars, walls, equipment or machinery that may be exposed in the open. The Black Bull Heavy Duty Steel Bollard S is the first in the range of warehouse bollards and can be installed quickly and easily into any car park, warehouse or freight depot environments just to name a few. These bollards are made from hot-dip galvanised steel and have excellent protection against rusting and corrosion, even if they become chipped or scratched while in use. These warehouse bollards are available in black and yellow or red and white and can be purchased in a bolt down or sub-surface format.
Can I purchase a warehouse bollard that is flexible?
The Black Bull Crash Protection Spring Bollard is an excellent addition to the warehouse bollards range. This bollard is available in an indoor or outdoor format and comes with an integral system that allows the bollard to flex up to 25° to absorb impact that may occur from opposing forces. This helps to reduce the damage to the bollard and the impacting item, i.e. a forklift that may bump into the bollard. Once it has flexed it will return to its original position immediately.

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