Industrial Railing

At Pittman we provide excellent warehouse protection products and warehouse railings that are perfect for installing in the busiest of warehouse or fast-moving environments. Each of our warehouse railings systems can be installed quickly and easily and provides a number of key benefits for your area, helping to reduce expensive repair costs and to keep pedestrians and employees protected at all times.
Having warehouse railings installed in your warehouse will yield positive results from the very moment they are fitted, with excellent quality and strength to last a long time while in use on a regular basis.
Why do I need to install warehouse railings in my warehouse?
Installing warehouse railings provides instant benefits for your warehouse or freight type area. Railings can not only help to keep forklifts and machinery in areas they are supposed to be – they can also be used to keep pedestrians in a safe designated area, ideal for separating them from dangerous vehicles traffic or away from machinery. Our Black Bull Heavy Duty Railing System is highly visible in the workplace and can be installed into your warehouse quickly and easily where needed most. These highly durable and highly effective German made railings provide excellent protection to company assets, machinery and most importantly nearby employees that may be walking around a warehouse. 
If you need to reduce damage to impacting vehicles and the railings themselves you could install these heavy duty railings in conjunction with the Shock Absorber Pads for heavy duty railing system. Installing these pads will allow the railings to absorb impact if it occurs, letting them bend up to 10° or approximately 175mm, thus reducing the damage to both the impacting vehicle and the railings themselves and also reducing the need for regular, costly repairs in the workplace.

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