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Protect warehouse employees, racking and equipment with Britain's best range of hoop barriers. We have the UK's strongest steel guarding system for warehouse safety, ready for quick installation. Don't forget we stock the complete range of Black Bull barriers. Call our hoop barrier experts on 0203 773 5397 or fill out our contact us form below if you have any questions.

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Hoop barriers are steel hoops used to protect warehouse employees, assets or infrastructure. The hoop barriers are commonly placed on machinery or pedestrian walkways to help prevent collisions in the workplace. In addition, barriers can help guide work vehicles or deny them access to particular warehouse areas.

The hoops can be installed adjacent or parallel to forklift operating areas and will help to distinguish designated pedestrian & vehicle areas. In addition, a superior barrier design will make it easier for all warehouse workers to see where particular zones end or begin, instantly boosting safety for the warehouse.

When installed next to machinery or infrastructure, the hoop barriers can reduce the risk of severe damage. The barriers can deflect or interrupt impacting work vehicles and prevent severe damage to assets and the work vehicles. In turn, deflecting impacts will also help avoid expensive repair costs in warehouses. Use the hoop barriers for increased machinery, asset or wall protection.

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Why install steel hoop barriers?

  • Protect employees from harm - Hoop barriers will provide a clear barricade between work vehicles and pedestrians. In addition, they will provide a safe place for pedestrians to walk while ensuring vehicle users keep within their area. 
  • Protect assets from damage - While in place they can protect assets and machinery against impact. The hoop guards may take several hits but will help deflect or block impacting vehicles. Use hoop barriers for rack protection, wall protection or column protection.
  • Reduce expensive repair costs - Deflecting vehicle impacts away from assets can help reduce costly repairs. Repairs apply to both the vehicles and the infrastructure in question.
  • Create clear guides for vehicle users - Use hoop barriers to guide vehicles correctly around a warehouse. They can help drivers identify out of bounds areas and can be used in conjunction with one-way systems to direct vehicles as needed.

Where to install hoop barriers?

  • Pedestrian walkways - Install the barriers parallel with walkways to protect pedestrians from work vehicles and guide them. Combine warehouse bollards with the hoops to fill in spaces and allow pedestrians to move through where needed. Removable hoop barriers can also allow access to an area when required.

  • Exposed machinery - Barriers can help to reduce the risk of impact damage to machines and other assets. Install the hoops alongside the machines to alert drivers to their presence and avoid costly damages.
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  • Exposed pillars or columns - Install the hoops beside or completely around columns or posts. Specially designed hoops like the Black Bull Steel Corner Protection Guard can guard 90-degree corners against damage.

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Slow Stop - the strongest all-steel hoop barrier system

The Slow Stop range of hoop barriers provides one of the most robust guarding systems available on the UK market. The all-steel design combines a highly durable structure with flexibility to offer complete protection to warehouse assets, vehicles and employees. 

The Slow Stop steel hoops utilise a unique elastomer in the base of each post. When impact occurs, the barriers will bend to absorb the damage and offer increased protection to assets than standard static barrier systems. Slow Stop barriers are entirely customisable and can be tailored to your on-site requirements.

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