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Warehouse Crash Barriers are an essential in the workplace to protect racking and walkways. Warehouses are hazardous places, possibly with multiple forklift trucks moving at speed around spaces, causing potential harm to racking and goods. Just a slight miscalculation could lead to damaging collision, putting your inventory and racking at risk from costly damage. That’s why warehouse crash barriers are a sensible investment. PITTMAN supply a wide range of heavy duty and standard duty warehouse crash barriers as well as barriers designed to protect machinery, shelving and for partitioning requirements.
Our Autobahn Steel Flexi-Post barriers are ideal for use on the factory floor, featuring a highly visible yellow and black design warning drivers of the potential hazards. Should vehicles hit the posts the barriers simply flex and spring back into place, minimising any harm to vehicles. Ideal for using where there is a high degree of forklift or HGV activity, especially where they need to navigate tight corners or at blind spots. The Autobahn Impact Recovery bollard is another spring-loaded bollard which reacts upon impact with vehicles and that they are too near to walls or gateways, by tilting up to 30 degrees, alerting drivers to the collision but preventing vehicles from becoming damaged.
Steel hoop guards are other essential safety equipment offering all round collision protection, our Light Post Steel Protectors helping to use around columns, poles and posts in the workplace. Our Traffic-Line Streel Barrier Protection Guards can be used outdoors and offer high level protection for work areas and traffic routes in warehouses, as well as at loading ramps. Our Removable Steel Protection Guards are quick to install and are ideal for protection around portable equipment and machinery. Our Heavy Duty Column/Corner Protectors are ideal for protecting pallet racking uprights and end frames from damage and are particularly suitable for placing around machine guards, at partitions and as a form of sturdy protection for mezzanine supports and concrete columns. Warehouse Collision bars are another invaluable workplace protection measure, helping to prevent trucks, roll containers and transport vehicles from colliding with shelves and cabinets, their low profile allows easy pedestrian access to protected areas.
PITTMAN also stock a range of protectors for pallets, including Traffic Line Pallet Rack Protection Guards, ideal for protecting the corners of important stock racks or shelving from vehicles and machinery.

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