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Pittman are leaders in Rack Protection with a large selection and many sizes available from stock for speedy delivery to your warehouse. Racking protection is essential for many kinds of warehouse and industrial type environments, big or small. Having this kind of protection is needed especially where stock and products are being stored on pallet racking. Having the right rack protection in place will help to reduce damage to nearby assets and will help to save money in repair costs for your company. Choose Pittman for the best quality warehouse rack guards and pallet rack protection.
What is rack protection?
Rack protection provides protection to pallet racking and assets in the area. Most of our Pittman racking protection comes in the form of steel bollards, corner guards or barriers - all made with the intention of protecting your infrastructure from impact damage from the likes of forklifts and work vehicles. 
How easy is it to install racking protectors?
The Black Bull Pallet Racking Protectors can be installed quickly and easily to site with a simple bolt down format. This right angled rack protection can be installed on the ground at racking and will instantly provide protection against impact should it occur. The rack protector is available in 3 different heights and comes with a powder coated yellow colour with black chevron markings, suitable for a warehouse or industrial type setting.The additional rollers help to deflect impacts should they occur.
Another excellent product is the Black Bull Pallet Rack Protection - again made from hot-dip galvanised steel these protectors can be installed instanly with excellent impact protection qualities.
How do i protect and frame ends of pallet racking?
To protect racking running along the ground use our Traffic Line Shelf Protectice Barrier - these excellent pallet racking guards can be installed quickly and easily and can protect multiple areas of a warehouse at once. Each set of the rack end protectors includes the end frame guards and the central rails that help to keep forklifts and other workplace machinery at bay, avoiding costly repairs of infrastructure and protecting valuable stock.

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