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If you happen to be looking for Wheel guides you have come to the right place, Traffic line Parking space wheel guide can be used in car parks, warehouses and other similar places. The can be used to highlight lanes and parking spaces. This can be used to mark out boundaries or important areas. This is highly durable, will not rot away or fade away like painted lines. These parking bay markers have high visibility. These can be fitted quickly and easily. This Wheel guide happens to be reliable parking solution that will demarcate parking spaces, the markers will effectively manage orderly parking.
Compared to concrete and plastic markers (which disintegrate or rot), the traffic line parking space wheel guide is constructed from hardwearing recycled rubber which is not as prone to damage. The markers are slightly raised and this enables drivers to both see and feel the markers if they drive over them. Since painted strips are not enough at times, where there is heavy wear and tear, wheel guide can be used in such places. Also in marked areas, there is always chance of drivers parking over the boundaries, meant for other cars. 

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