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Utilising Loading Bay Buffers in your warehouse is a sure way to uphold excellent health and safety standards while protecting important nearby infrastructure at the same time. Our loading bay buffers can be installed quickly and easily to site and will provide excellent protection over time.
What are loading bay buffers used for?
Loading bay buffers can be installed into many types of areas and will provide protection to walls, columns, pillars, buildings themselves and more. Buffers come in many shapes and sizes and can be put into place easily to provide instant protection. Whether you need steel or rubber buffers we are sure to have the product you need for your area, all made for the most hectic of warehouse and loading bay environments. 
Use the wall protection buffer along a loading bay wall to protect the walls from scratching or dents from trolleys and trucks, suitable for the likes of hospital or hotel style loading bays where they are available in various colours to match nearby walls.
Our heavy duty loading bay buffers are suitable for the most industrial types of environments, ideal for busy areas where trucks or boats may be docking to load or unload goods. The loading bay buffers can be installed onto walls, docks or the ground in order to protect nearby assets from damage or to keep delivery vehicles in line where needed.

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