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  • romold ubp3 column protector

    Romold UBP3 Column Protector


    The Romold column protectors offer excellent protection to beams and columns in warehouses. The highly durable design allows for long term use in the busiest of warehouses. Each unit can be easily installed to protect assets from costly damage.  The...

  • romold ubp1 column protector

    Romold UBP1 Column Protector


    The Romold UBP1 column protector offers excellent protection to warehouse columns. The highly durable design allows it to withstand impacts from work vehicles. The columns can be easily inserted onto beams and columns where they can reduce the risk of...

  • Slow Stop Column Protection Guard

    Slow Stop Guarding Systems

    Slow Stop Column Protection Guard


    The Slow Stop Column Protection Guard can be put in place quickly and easily on site, helping to protect nearby columns or pillars from impact damage should it occurs. Each unit can be made up custom to suit your requirements or measurements for the...

  • Lamp Post Protector

    Lamp Post Protector


    The Lamp Post Protector is made from high quality hot-dip galvanised steel and can be installed quickly and easily to help protect the likes of trees, lamp posts, columns etc. from impacting vehicles or machinery when in place. The high quality steel...

  • Column Protector - Slimline

    Column Protector - Slimline


    The Slimline Column Protector is perfect for installing onto key columns and beams in a warehouse, mezzanines or car parks and can help to protect them during impact from cars, forklifts and other vehicles at all times.  Each column protector can be...

  • Column Protector - XL

    Column Protector - XL


    The Column Protector is a perfect addition to any warehouse, carpark or building where there is exposed columns and beams.  The column protectors can be quickly and easily wrapped around a column and protects the said infrastructure from impact,...

  • Universal Column Protector

    Universal Column Protector


    The Universal Column Protector can be quickly and easily deployed to create excellent impact protection properties to key columns and beams in warehouse, carparks and freight depots. Each universal column protector can comes in 4 sections with separate...

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