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  • Rectangle Push-Fit Impact Protection


    Rectangle Push-Fit Impact Protection


      The Rectangle Push-On Impact Protection Foam is a quick and easy solution to safety and protection in warehouse and factories. Ideal for placing on beams and columns, these impact protection pieces provide excellent protection to both...

  • Semi-Circular - External Corner


    Semi-Circular - External Corner


    The semi-circular – external corner guard from Pittman UK is the ideal solution to safely covering sharp corners on the edges of shelves or tables. It is ideal for use at home or at your place of work - whether it is an office or an industrial...

  • Semi Circular - External Tri-Corner

    Semi Circular - External Tri-Corner


    The semi circular – external tri-corner from Pittman UK is a very cost effective yet extremely useful piece of safety equipment. It is designed to fit onto the corners of table tops to protect yourself, your family members or colleagues from the...

  • Edge Protection Trapeze - External Corners


    Edge Protection Trapeze - External Corners


      With the Edge Protection Trapeze – External Corners in the UK, you can say goodbye to those painful moments when you crash into the corner of a table. Any environment, including homes, offices, shops and schools can benefit from...

  • Edge Protection Trapeze - Tri-Corner


    Edge Protection Trapeze - Tri-Corner


    PRODUCT INFORMATION Getting hurt through collisions with the edges of stationary machinery and platforms is a thing of the past, with the Edge Protection Trapeze – Tri-corner in UK. Though accidents can happen anywhere and at any time,...

  • Rectangle Surface Protection Foam

    Rectangle Surface Protection Foam


    The Impact Protection Foam-Rectangle is a 1000mm section of impact protection foam, measuring 60mm high and 20mm wide. This high density foam provides highly effective impact protection, preventing damage to hard objects and edges, as well as...

  • Semi-circular Surface Protection Foam

    Semi-circular Surface Protection Foam


    The Semi-circular 40/32 (1M) Self-adhesive Impact Protection Foam is specifically designed to prevent head injuries that can result from accidental contact with hard surfaces or edges at head level. In seconds, the Semi-circular 40/32 (1M)...

  • Trapeze Edge Protection Foam


    Trapeze Edge Protection Foam


    The Trapeze Impact Protection Foam protects employees heads and reduces the risk of injury. Each piece of impact foam can be applied directly to site with great ease. The self-adhesive backing allows for instant application on site. The foam piece comes...

  • Semi-Circular Impact Protection Foam


    Semi-Circular Impact Protection Foam


    Install the Semi-Circular impact protection foam to reduce the risk of head injuries. The foam pieces provide excellent cushion should impact occur. They will absorb impact while also retaining shape. The impact protection foam is easy to install...

  • Right Angle Edge Protection Foam


    Right Angle Edge Protection Foam


    The Right Angle Edge Protection Foam is our most popular warehouse foam protector. The right angle design makes it ideal for most 90 degree corners including pillars and columns. Install on site fast using the self-adhesive backing.  Each foam...

  • Trapeze Surface Protection Foam


    Trapeze Surface Protection Foam


    The Trapeze Impact Protection foam is perfect for applying to most flat surfaces both indoors and outdoors - providing excellent impact for pedestrians around the area.  The foam  helps to reduce the severity of an impact and reduces the risk...

  • Semi-Circular Push-Fit Protection Foam


    Semi-Circular Push-Fit Protection Foam


    The Semi-Circular Push-On Impact Protection Foam is an excellent product that can be quickly installed.  The push-on design means that the foam can be installed on to the surface easily.  The push-on design of the foam also makes it...

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