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What is an Armco Barrier?
An Armco Barrier is a robust steel barrier used to protect key assets. The tough Armco barrier design is made to withtand impacts from vehicles. They are commonly seen on motorways but are also very useful in warehouses and factories. The barriers can be used to protect employees from harm and to reduce the risk of damage to infrastructure.
Why use an Armco Barrier?
Use an armco barrier to reduce the risk of impact from vehicles. They can keep drivers, pedestrians and employees from harm. Armco barriers also require little to no maintenance once installed.
Where to use armco barriers?
Use armco barriers in

  • Motorways
  • Warehouses
  • Car Parks
  • Freight depots
  • Loading bays

The SlowStop Guardrail Flexible Protection Barrier uses steel posts with a plastic barrier. They work in the same way regular armco barriers do in that they can protect from impact damage. The main difference with the Slowstop armco barrier is that they will bend should impact occur. This reduces the damage to both the barrier and the impact vehicle.

PITTMAN have the largest range of Armco Barrier for Crash Protection, allowing to protect assets, infrastructure and more when you need it most. Use an Armco Barrier to provide high quality protection to warehouse columns, corners, pillars etc. when it comes to vehicle and warehouse machinery. Having the right kind of barrier on site will not only protect assets but will also provide high quality safety standards for employees, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries in the workplace. 
Our Armco Barrier range are all made from tough steel, making them perfect for the busiest of areas and providing long-lasting protection where needed. Our warehouse barriers range includes hoop barriers, pallet rack protectors, column guards, railings and more. 
Use our Black Bull Steel Hoop Guards where you have to protect stock, protect employees from harm and more. These steel hoop guards can be installed quickly and easily and are made from galvanised steel. To make them stand out each barrier has also been powder coated yellow and is equipped with black bands, helping them to be seen by the likes of forklift users or drivers.
For FAST delivery on Armco Barriers and our warehouse protection range call us today - we have plenty of bollards and barriers in stock that can be delivered to you in just a few working days.
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