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Choose Pittman for the best range of warehouse safety equipment and warehouse protection guards. Our warehouse barriers can be installed fast and can protect employees and infrastructure from impact. Protect pallet racking, walls and columns from forklifts using our Black Bull range of Rack ProtectionWall Protection and Corner ProtectorsLoading bay protection can help to guide HGV's into place and reduce the risk of impact with building infrastructure. Install Anti Fatigue Mats to reduce warehouse employee fatigue and boost productivity. For ultimate warehouse protection choose the Slow Stop Guarding Systems - the strongest all steel guarding system for warehouse safety.

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Warehouse safety is of the utmost importance to employers and business owners across the UK. Warehouse safety involves having the correct protocols in place, proper functioning equipment and general awareness to ensure high safety standards are maintained. 

Having high standards of warehouse safety can help to – 

  • Protect employees from danger
  • Protect assets from impact damage
  • Reduce repair costs to infrastructure
  • Delineate areas for workplace vehicles

How to instantly improve your warehouse safety
To improve warehouse safety, you need to consider – 

  • What you are trying to protect in the warehouse
  • What you are protecting them from
  • What kind of traffic is generally present in the area

Knowing more about the area will help you decide what kind of warehouse safety products will work best for your project. Assess the area thoroughly and install warehouse protectors as needed. 

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For a quick guide on choosing some warehouse safety products, see some options here:

  • Slow Stop Guardrail Flexible Protection Barrier - is made with a complete steel design with polycarbonate Armco style barrier. Use to create employees walkways or protect physical assets from impact damage. It bends on impact to absorb damage and reduce expensive repair costs.
  • Slow Stop Column Protection Guard – is a complete steel protector for guarding standing poles or columns. It bends on impact to absorb damage. Suitable for use in indoor or outdoor environments.
  • Black Bull Pallet Rack Protection – steel corner pieces available in an l-shaped or u-shaped design. Surrounds pallet racking to reduce impact damage. The highly visible yellow design makes it easily seen by warehouse vehicle staff.
  • Black Bull Collision Protection Bars – low-profile barriers bolted to the ground near assets. It helps to prevent forklifts from driving too close to machinery. Allows for more air space with forklifts and reach trucks.
  • Black Bull Heavy Duty Railing System Indoor – create long runs of employee walkways. Effectively separate employee walkways from forklift lanes. Highly-visible yellow steel design provides excellent visual impact. 
  • Traffic Line Vertical Pipe Protectors – barriers that are attached directly to walls and floors to surround pipes. Reduces risk of impact damage but does still allows the pipes to be accessible for maintenance. 
  • Black Bull Heavy Duty Bollard – complete steel design for robust protection. Hot-dip galvanised for protection against rust. Place next to assets to protect from heavy work vehicle impact. 
  • Impact protection foam – are foam profiles designed to protect employees from head injuries. Profiles are available to suit 90-degree corners and flat surfaces. Easy to install via self-adhesive backing or slot.

warehouse barriers

Warehouse barriers to increase protection to employees and assets

Warehouse barriers offer excellent protection to employees and machinery while installed. Having high-quality warehouse barriers in place can reduce the risk of physical injury to employees. They can also reduce the risk of expensive damage to assets.

Warehouse barriers come in many shapes and forms. Each design can offer protection to different assets or areas.

Use column protection to protect pillars, columns or posts from impact damage. Column protectors can surround the asset to reduce the risk of damage from all sides or specific angles. Columns are usually a vital part of a building’s infrastructure – giving them high-quality protection can reduce the risk of severe infrastructural damage.

Wall protection can provide a buffer directly onto walls or flat surfaces. By installing wall protectors, there will be a reduced risk of scraping or impacts. Rubber wall protectors are typical in loading bay areas. The rubber design absorbs the impact and can sometimes “bounce” the impacting force away from the wall.

Machinery and assets often need to be protected from exact angles while allowing access to certain areas. Corner protectors can be placed at the machine’s corners to repel vehicle impact. Corner protection is made from high-quality steel for heavy-duty protection.

Pallet racking is a vital part of any warehouse storage facility. Rack protection assists with protecting steel racking uprights from damage. Protecting these racking uprights reduces wear and helps to prolong the life of storage systems.

Pipe protection can protect gas pipes and valves, downpipes and more. Pipe protectors bolt directly onto the wall and floor and protect from vandalism and general wear and tear. The interior space of the protectors also means that general maintenance to pipes can still be carried out, even with the pipe protection in place.

Install warehouse bollards directly next to assets to delineate for work vehicle users. Use bollards to deter entry into an area entirely or to combine with employee walkways. In addition, use warehouse bollards to allow pedestrians to move between them while preventing work vehicles from entering.

Cover more considerable distances using industrial railing or hoop barriers. Hoop barriers come in single hoop designs. Use them alone or together to deter entry into an area. Industrial railing systems can cover much larger distances in single instances and effectively separate vehicles and employees.

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Slow Stop Guarding System – The Strongest All Steel Warehouse Protection Barriers

The Slow Stop Guarding Systems provide unrivalled protection to the busiest of warehouses and loading bays. Designed with high-quality and long-lasting protection in mind, choose Slow Stop for heavy-duty protection in the toughest of environments.

All steel design – made entirely from a complete steel design. Slow Stop systems are galvanised to reduce the risk of rust. As a result, each piece is resistant to rusting and corrosion while in use. The accompanying cast iron provides even further durability and a strong foundation for the system.

Flexible on impact – they are equipped with a firm elastomer in the base. This design allows the units to bend up to 20 degrees on impact. As a result, slow Stop will absorb kinetic energy and reduce damage to the vehicle and the Slow Stop System.

Fully customisable – tailor Slow Stop System to suit your on-site requirements. Choose from standard bollard and barrier setups to a full range of column protectors, protection railings, bollards and barriers.

Fast installation – install Slow Stop bollards in approximately 15 minutes each. Then, install entire systems in as little as a few hours. This allows you to minimise downtime and have immediate safety in your warehouse.

Anti-Fatigue Mats to Boost Warehouse Employee Productivity

Use anti-fatigue mats to decrease employee fatigue and improve productivity. The cushioned design of the mat reduces the strain employees feel from standing for long periods. By reducing this stress, employees can remain focused and refreshed for more extended periods.

Anti-fatigue mats are popular in warehouse environments. They are suitable for use at packing areas, assembly lines and more. Their anti-slip design also helps to give employees a sure footing while at work. Thicker mats also insulate factory floors and combat cold airflow.

Truck Wheel Stops to Boost Loading Bay Safety

Truck wheel stops will bring HGVs to a halt within loading bays. They can prevent trucks from colliding with each other and with nearby infrastructure. Use truck wheel stops to protect drivers and premises from harm.

For increased loading bay protection, also consider loading bay wheel guides and wheel chocks. Wheel guides can improve visibility for truck drivers and help them to line their trailers up correctly. Wheel chocks are placed under truck or trailer wheels and prevent them from rolling or moving.

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