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WallPro Belt Barrier
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The WallPro Belt Barrier provides a quick and easy means of closing off areas to pedestrians  - deter entry to wide spaces FAST

  • Belt length: 4600 / 7600 / 9100mm
  • Unit: 140(H) x 95(W) mm
  • Easy installation - fixing kit included
  • Excellent choice - choose from up to 12 belt designs
  • 3 belt ends - standard, s-clip or magnetic receiver
  • Highly durable casing - very durable while in use
  • Automatic braking system - reduces strain to belt.
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The WallPro Belt Barrier is a perfect addition to many kinds of environments and provides an excellent means of deterring entry into warehouses, walkways, corridors or areas that may be under maintenance or being cleaned.

The WallPro Belt Barrier can be installed directly onto most flat wall surfaces and provides instant benefits once in place.  The belt barrier can be used instanly and allows you to close off the area in question with ease with 3 different belt ends available to provide you witht he best way to do so in your situation. 

With the belt barrier you have a choice of having a standard end with wall clip, magnetic end or s-clip end. With the standard end you will receive a clip that you can bolt directly on the opposite wall the belt barrier is installed on. 

The magnetic end allows you to attach the belt end to a nearby steel post, pallet racking or steel door, making it a suitable option for the likes of warehouses or factories.  Lastly the s-clip type end allows you to attach the belt onto nearby poles by allowing the belt wrap around it and the s-clip will then attach on the other side.

Product Specifications:


Belt Width:50mm
Belt Length:4.6 / 7.6 / 9.1m
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