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  • Trumeter 5000 Road Distance Measuring Wheel


    Trumeter 5000 Road Distance Measuring Wheel


    The Trumeter 5000 Distance Measuring Wheel is an excellent road distance measuring wheel that is suitable for numerous kinds of jobs and projects, ensuring that the user gets the very best measuring results with as little effort as possible...

  • Trumeter Desk Tally Counter

    Trumeter Desk Tally Counter


    The Trumeter Desk Tally Counter on sale from Pittman is the ideal purchase for anyone who hopes to obtain precise figures during counting. Tally counters make keeping track of amounts effortless as they simply require that you press a button for every...

  • Trumeter Hand Tally Counter


    Trumeter Hand Tally Counter


    The Trumeter Hand Tally Counter clicks up one for each depress of the button. Counting up to 9999, this hand tally counter resets using a dial on the right hand side. Fitting snugly into the hand, this mechanical hand tally counter comes with a ring for...

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