Traffic-Line Traffic Cone
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Transportable Delineation for Road and Site Works

  • Available in various sizes 
  • 460 - 1000mm high
  • Tough PVC design
  • Reflective sleeves - high visibility
  • Blow moulded top with easy grip feature
  • Can be stacked and stored easily

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The Traffic-Line Traffic Cones can be deployed to site quickly and easily and provide an excellent, cost-effective means of blocking off entrance and deterring entry to an area, providing a lane for cars and many more functions. When not in use the traffic cones can be stacked and stored with ease.

Each of the two-piece cones comes assembled with the main cone part and the black base - 2-piece cones allow the cone to separate if they are ever hit with a car or other vehicle so you would just have to replace the plastic cone and not the base.

The one-piece cone has an integral base, orange in colour the same as the cone upright itself, and provides a heavy option if you require it for your area. Each of the traffic cones in all sizes is fitted with a reflective sleeve, perfect for letting nearby pedestrians or motorists that they are in place.

The blow moulded part at the top of the cone allows for quick and easy pick up when needed, providing a cone that is efficient as well as cost effective.

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