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Outdoor seating helps to boost street aesthetics and improve the feel of urban areas. Choose from a wide range of park benches or picnic table set to create urban seating spaces.

Seating is used to create sitting spaces in outdoor environments. Outdoor seating generally consists of benches, tables, chairs and more. Seats are effective in urban streetscapes where they can boost local aesthetics and encourage more visits to that street.

Seating is an important part of every street furniture range. When installed they can coincide with busy urban areas like town centres, local parks, business fronts, streets and more. Urban seating will provide equal spaces for young and old and encourage social interaction.

By encouraging social interaction local councils can easily make streetscapes and green areas more welcoming. This will boost the local economy and encourage more visits to local businesses.

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Using seating to boost urban streetscapes

Outdoor seating can boost urban streetscapes by encouraging more interaction in public spaces. Seats will not only provide a comfortable place for people to sit, but they will also provide reasons for visiting and revisiting city and town settings.

Combine seats with planters to instantly increase colour and vibrancy in the area. Planters will allow for the display of plants and flowers in street settings. They will fit nicely alongside gathering points and encourage pedestrians to use the area for recreational purposes.

Seating is also highly effective when used with bus shelters. Having seats will allow bus passengers to sit in comfort while waiting for public transport to arrive. Further, help bus passengers by installing outdoor notice boards to display timetables or important information.


The Aubel Wooden Park Bench provides a high-quality wooden seat for public spaces. The wood is made from a high-quality French oak which is available in a light oak or mahogany style finish. The seat will arrive on site fully assembled and ready to install on-site. Bolt down onto concrete surfaces with great ease.

For a strong steel design consider the Conviviale Steel Bench. This seat can be cast into concrete for a more permanent installation. The steel is highly robust for use in urban areas and is zinc primed for resistance against rusting.

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