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Choose from a wide range of wood, steel and concrete planter designs. One-piece designs allow for fast installation on-site with minimum assembly required. Use planters to decorate public spaces or segregate cycle lanes and parklets. The Benito and Procity designs mean a long-lasting boost to British streetscapes with little maintenance needed over time. Need planters for an upcoming project? Call our street furniture expert Ryan Haddick on 07375295107 or contact us directly for the best quotes and specifications.

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Planters are containers used to decorate public spaces. They are commonly installed on public roadsides, meeting places and shopfronts. Planters can transform public spaces to improve aesthetics. They can also be used to separate vehicle and pedestrian traffic to increase road safety. 

Planters are also commonly used on bike lanes. They are often installed as a cycle lane separator to create fully visible bike lanes in urban environments. 

The best planters will be those with high durability for outdoor use. The stronger the planter the longer it will last in public areas. They come in many different material types and allow for all manner of plants or flowers to be used with them, offering highly effective street furniture for streetscapes.

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To transform streetscapes consider using planters alongside park benches. Create seating spaces that pedestrians can feel at ease in and enjoy. Creating better-looking spaces will attract more people to the area.

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How do you install planters?

Planters do not need to be bolted into the ground. However, if used on public roadsides and lanes, it is advised to bolt them down. This prevents them from shifting out onto public roads and obstructing vehicle traffic. Ideally, planters should be installed approximately 1 metre apart from the next. This may depend on the area and how much room there is for installation.  

What's the difference between wooden planters and plastic planters?

Plastic planters are more durable than wooden planters. Where wooden versions are strong they are more likely to splinter, crack or rot over time. This results in expensive replacement costs and cleanups. Plastic planters are much more durable and are highly resistant to impact. Most plastic versions are shatter resistant and provide a longer service life. 

Boost cyclist safety using planters

Planters can help with increasing cyclist safety in urban areas. Planters are commonly installed on roadsides to separate vehicle and cyclist traffic. When installed they will create a physical barrier between cyclists and vehicles. This will help to reduce traffic accidents in towns and cities.

The Olbia Steel Planter can be installed easily into public spaces. The holes in the bottom of the planters allow them to be bolted down fast. The adjustable feet allow them to be easily installed on uneven ground. Contact our sales team for more information on custom colours and designs.

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For a highly aesthetic look the Silaos Wood and Steel Planter is a perfect product. This wooden planter can be installed onto site instantly. The units come fully assembled for instant use. The robust French oak provides a long-lasting design and fits in with many outdoor spaces. The integral screw jacks allow it to be installed on uneven surfaces easily. The reinforced steel frame and interior also protect the planter over time.

Create more attractive streetscapes

Outdoor planters will help with creating attractive streetscapes and make them more appealing to pedestrians. The more colourful the area, the more welcoming it will be to visitors, tourists and everyday users.

Planters can also boost colour around bus shelters. Create colourful, vibrant bus stops that are welcoming and attractive to pedestrians. Use outdoor notice boards to display advertising or bus timetables to bus passengers.

While boosting the colour and safety in the area it is also crucial to maintain an attractive look. Be sure to install litter bins and encourage more rubbish disposal to maintain clean streets.

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