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Increased bicycle use across the UK requires better protection for cyclists. Talk to our cycle lane experts today for the best advice on cycling infrastructure. Use a cycle lane separator or cycle lane bollards to delineate bike lanes and reduce the risk of traffic accidents. The full range of Impact Recovery Systems posts are equipped with highly visible markings for effective lane separation and increased road safety. Call our experts on 0203 773 5397 or email for the best quotes.

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Cycle lanes are located on public roads to provide cyclists with a means for cycling safely with traffic. They segregate bicycle and vehicle traffic to protect cyclists from harm. Segregated cycling lanes are very common in city and town settings and some major roads. 

Cycle lane segregation helps bicycle traffic flow without interrupting or hindering regular vehicle traffic. By segregating the traffic, it can help commuters get to work safely. In addition, fully segregated cycle lanes will be much more noticeable to drivers. 

Correct cycle lane separation can also prevent cars from cutting across parts of the road, parking illegally, and significantly reducing collisions. 
In short, cycle lane segregation can help to – 

  • Effectively delineate cycle lanes for cyclists
  • Protect cyclists from vehicle impact
  • Delineate roads for drivers

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Here are some cycle lane product examples – 

  • Cycle Max Cycle Lane Delineators – these posts are a highly reflective cycle lane bollard with easy installation. The post includes a fixed base, and the integral 360° rotational spring will allow it to bend on impact should it occur. The full reflective sheeting and the 3M bike symbol will provide high visibility at all times.

  • Tuff Curb Lane Separator – a highly durable separation kerb designed to segregate traffic. The robust HDPE material provides a hard-wearing yet lightweight design. The large format makes them highly noticeable to cyclists and drivers. The integral reflectors also further increase visibility.

  • C-Max Delineator Post is one of the most visible cycle lane bollards on the market. Each bollard is 60% covered in reflective sheeting. The flexible design allows it to bend on impact should it occur. The 1010mm tall design ensures it will be visible at the driver's eye level.

  • The Tuff Curb XLP Lane Separator is a cycle lane separator designed with cyclists in mind. The low-profile design uses gently sloping edges so that cyclists can run over them. The Tuff Curb XLP reduces the risk of cyclists coming off their bikes and becoming injured. Equip with optional delineator posts to enhance the segregation effect.

cycle lane bollards

Cycle lane segregation to increase cyclist and road safety 
Cycle lane segregation can help to improve cyclist safety significantly on public roads. Collisions and accidents are less likely to occur when the segregated lanes are highlighted to drivers. There are several ways cycle lanes can distinguish from vehicle lanes.

  • Ground markings – bicycle lanes are often painted differently to distinguish them from the main road. Generally, they are painted blue, red or green and will include bike symbols to highlight them. White lines and arrows should show the direction the bicycle traffic should be going and the boundary of the cycle lane.

  • Cycle lane signage – bike signage shows where the route starts, ends, or general directions or information. Signage can also confirm if it is a regular cycling lane or a contraflow cycle lane.

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