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cycle lane separator

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bicycle lane separators

A cycle lane separator is a long strip installed parallel to cycle lanes to segregate bicycles and vehicles. They can provide a visual aid for both drivers and cyclists while physically separating them from each other. As a result, cycle lane separators can significantly reduce the risk of traffic accidents involving cyclists and motorists.

By segregating cycle lanes using the separators, cyclists receive more safety against impacts from vehicles. Generally, the lane separators will have reflective markings to ensure all drivers see them in the area. In addition, because the installation is quite simple, interruptions to traffic are minimised. 

Combine cycle lane separators with cycle lane bollards to increase visual aid in the area. The cycle lane bollards can be placed between the separators to minimise the space between units. The taller bollards will also help highlight the separators in place closer to the ground.

cycle lane separator

The Tuff Curb Lane Separator is made with HDPE and offer a long-lasting solution to cycle lane segregation. The integral reflectors provide high visibility in day and night conditions. In addition, customise the Tuff Curb setup to include as many mid-sections and end caps as you require for your project.

The Tuff Curb XLP Lane Separator provides a lower profile for segregated cycle lanes. The lower design allows cyclists to cycle over them instead of causing them to crash or come over the handlebars during an impact. Combine with cycle lane posts to highlight the lane even further.

The XPT Rubber Curb will be able to help with covering longer distances. These rubber kerbs can easily bend to contour do uneven surfaces. Additionally, the 3M markings provide high visibility, and each piece installs quickly.

bike lane separators

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