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Expert Advice on Custom Bus Shelter Solutions for UK Streetscapes

Choose from a high-quality range of bus shelter options to boost British bus routes and protect bus passengers. Tough modular designs by Procity allow for quick installation on site and provide excellent resistance against vandalism. Call our experts to customise the shelters to your local street and road needs. Need advice on bus shelters? Call Ryan Haddick on 07375295107 or contact us below for fast quotes and specifications.

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Bus Shelters are used to protect bus users from rainfall. Using bus shelters helps to coincide with public transport use and overall safety for commuters. They can protect passengers from rain and can keep them dry before scheduled buses arrive. 

Installing bus shelters also provides a visual aid for everyday bus stops. Having a shelter in place makes the bus stop much more visible to passengers. They are commonly used in urban environments. 

Bus stop shelters are commonly made from steel frames. The steel supports allow a roof section to be installed on top which provides cover to passengers. Depending on the shelter it may come with glass or full steel panels for the rear and sides. 

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Combine bus shelters with park benches and outdoor notice boards to provide a better experience for public transport routes. The benches can provide a place to sit while the notice boards can display bus information, timetables and more.

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Benefits of installing bus shelters

There are several benefits to installing bus shelters. They can - 

  • Protect bus passengers from bad weather - the shelters will provide cover against rain, helping to keep bus passengers as dry as possible
  • Create more visible bus stops for passengers - bus shelters will help passengers to easily identify bus stops
  • Improve overall aesthetic for urban environments - having bus shelters in place will boost visual appeal in the streetscape
  • Provide a place for bus schedules and advertisements to be displayed - the cover that bus shelters provide also allow for bus timetables and ads to be displayed with ease

Most bus shelters have a facility to display bus schedules and advertisements. This provides a more pleasing design for bus passengers and helps to provide everything required for a public bus shelter setup. 

Use bus shelters to create a better bus stop experience

Shelters are a key part of urban street furniture and are widely used in cities and towns. Having bus shelters in place will help bus passengers by protecting them from rain and helping them to identify bus stops.

Further boost bus shelter setups with planters. The planters can improve the urban aesthetic and boost the colour surrounding the shelter, making it more welcoming to bus passengers. Adding litter bins will also help to keep bus parks clean and tidy and encourage waste disposal.

The KUBE Bus Shelter provides an excellent option for public transport routes. The shelter comes flat-packed for easy self install on site. The modern design allows it to fit perfectly with city and town streetscapes. The galvanised steel helps to protect from rusting over time and provides long term use. 

These shelters use glass rear and side for an attractive look. It can also be equipped with an integral timetable to display information to passengers. Choose from up to standard steel colours, allowing you to cater to your design in mind.

The Voute Bus Shelter can help to create a more closed shelter space. The curved roof helps to repel rainwater to avoid it dripping down onto passengers. Again the glass can be inserted easily using the integrated clamping system on the frame of the bus shelter. 

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To provide increased passenger comfort don't forget to include a perch seat. Perch seats allow passengers to rest and can make the shelter more appealing.

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