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  • Kube Perch Seat

    Kube Perch Seat

    The Kube Perch seat provides an excellent means for bus passengers to rest outdoors. The seat can be quickly installed on site and offers excellent use for years. Each seat is made with highly durable steel and is suitable for using outdoors.  The...

  • Kube Bus Shelter

    Kube Bus Shelter

    The KUBE Bus Shelter provides excellent protection to passengers while they are waiting outdoors. The shelter provides excellent long-lasting cover for public spaces. Each shelter is made from hard wearing galvanised steel. Choose from up to 10 different...

  • Milan Bus Shelter


    Milan Bus Shelter

    The Milan Bus Shelter provides an excellent cover for modern public bus shelters. The high quality design allows it to fit in with many public spaces. The shelter can be installed directly into the ground fast. Choose from 10 standard RAL colour options...

  • Venice Bus Shelter


    Venice Bus Shelter

    The Venice Bus Shelter provides an excellent product for public spaces. The shelter helps to protect bus passengers while waiting in urban areas. The tough design makes them the perfect addition as much needed street furniture.  The bus shelter is...

  • Conviviale Bus Shelter


    Conviviale Bus Shelter

    The Conviviale Bus Shelters can be easily installed on site. The design makes them perfect for using in public areas. The tough galvanised steel design helps to reduce the risk of rusting. Each bus shelter can be installed into the ground by concreting...

  • Estorial Steel Perch Seat


    Estorial Steel Perch Seat

    The Estoril Steel Perch Seat provides excellent, highly attractive seating for public bus shelter spaces. The zinc primed steel design creates a long lasting option for modern outdoor environments. The steel seat can be used in conjunction with any bus...

  • Voute Bus Shelter


    Voute Bus Shelter

    The Voute Bus Shelter can be easily installed on site. The shelter comes flat-packed for easy self install into concrete. Ideally the bus shelter should be installed onto pre-existing concrete pads for best results.  The shelter includes a 6mm thick...

  • Conviviale Perch Seat


    Conviviale Perch Seat

    The Conviviale Perch Seat makes a perfect companion product to bus shelters. The seat can be easily installed to provide instant seating to bus users. The high quality and modern design makes the ideal for public spaces.  Each perch seat can be...

  • Oslo Steel Perch Seat


    Oslo Steel Perch Seat

    The Oslo Steel Perch Seat provides an excellent seating option for outdoor public bus shelters. The seat can be easily installed into the ground. It can be cast into concrete with great ease.  Each seat is made from highly durable sheet steel. The...

  • Conviviale Steel Bench


    Conviviale Steel Bench


    The Conviviale Steel Bench provides excellent seating for public spaces. The bench can be installed direclty into concrete for permenent seating options outdoors. Each bench is made from high quality. Install the steel bench by casting directly into...

  • Conviviale Bus Shelter Sign


    Conviviale Bus Shelter Sign

    The Conviviale Bus Shelter Sign allows for instant display of bus schedules and information at public bus shelters. The signs can be easily cast in concrete for instant use. The 40 x 40mm steel tubes provide a sturdy frame for outdoor use.  Each bus...

  • Square Post Bus Shelter Sign


    Square Post Bus Shelter Sign

    The Square Post Bus Shelter Sign can provide an instant display for bus timetables and notices. The bus stop sign can be concreted into the ground easily for instant display alongside bus shelters. Each sign is made from higly durable steel and is zinc...

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