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  • Audit Covers


    Audit Covers


    The Audit Cover is designed to indicate that a wheeled bin spill kit has had its contents inspected and checked, is fully stocked and has been fully audited. Once a spill kit has undergone a completed audit simply place the cover over the top...

  • Battery Acid Spill Kits


    Battery Acid Spill Kits


    The Battery Acid Spill Kit  is formulated for the containment, neutralisation and clean up of battery acid. The spill kit decontaminates the affected area and quickly returns it to a workble condition. The acid neutralsier features a visual...

  • Body Fluid Spill Kits


    Body Fluid Spill Kits


    The Body Fluid Spill Kit with Wipes deals with spills that pose a sanitary or infectious hazard and are very unpleasant to clean. The body fluid spill kit is suitable for use on vomit, urine, excrement and blood quickly, safely and effectively. The...

  • Carry Bag Spill Kit


    Carry Bag Spill Kit


    The Spilkleen Carry Bag Maintenance Spill Kit (35ltr) is a portable spill kit supplied in a printed cube bag that is simple to store, handle and deploy and is suitable for maintaining safe working areas or for when on the move. It has...

  • Clear Bag Spill Kits


    Clear Bag Spill Kits


    The Spilkleen Clear Bag Chemical Spill Kit (70 ltr) is a portable spill kit supplied in a clear waterproof holdall bag with a large absorbent capacity of 70 litres. It is simple to store, handle and deploy and is an ideal kit for when you...

  • Disposable Nitrile Gloves


    Disposable Nitrile Gloves


    The Disposable Nitrile Gloves are designed to deliver a robust, high quality and reliable alternative to latex gloves. They are manufactured in line with European PPE Directive 89/686/EEC and European Standards EN 420, EN 388 and EN 374...

  • Handy Bag Spill Kits


    Handy Bag Spill Kits


    The Spilkleen Portable Maintenance Spill Kit (10ltr) is a portable spill kit designed to be easy to deploy, use and storeand is for single use on small spills of most oil and water based liquids including paints, solvents, coolants...

  • Heavy Duty Nitrile Gloves


    Heavy Duty Nitrile Gloves


    The Heavy Duty Nitrile Gloves are a textured glove featuring internal cotton flocklining and manufactured from nitrile butadiene. They are inspected in accordance with the European PPE Directive 89/686/EEC and are tested to European...

  • Motor Sport Spill Kit


    Motor Sport Spill Kit


    The Spilchoice Motor Sport Spill Kit Deluxe or MSA spill kit has been specially developed for use within the motor sport industry to comply with the latest 2011 motor sport association regulations that have recently come into effect...

  • Refuse Sacks


    Refuse Sacks


    The Refuse Sack  is ideal for bins and for disposing of general waste. They can be used in both domestic and commercial settings.   Black Refuse Sack 160 Gauge x50 - Pack of 50 | Bag 160 gauge 457mm x 725mm x 975mm   Black...

  • Shoulder Bag Spill Kit


    Shoulder Bag Spill Kit


    The Spilkleen Shoulder Bag is a portable spill kit supplied in a tough and waterproof shoulder bag. It is simple to store, handle and deploy and is an ideal kit if you are on the move. Its large absorbent capacity of 50 litres is ideal for...

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