Secondary Spill Containment

If you looking for Secondary Spill Containment material? Then you have come to the right place. Drum funnels are designed for use on both open and closed head 205litre drums. The drum lid provide a simple method for keeping open and closed head 205litre drums dry and free from debris and the effects of weathering. The lid grips on to the external rim of the drum for resistance against wind and is made from long-lasting and flexible plastomer. Next on the list is Poly Spill Trays, it is manufactured by 100% tough and durable polyethylene. The containment product is lightweight and compact and are designed for catching drips and leaks from small drums and containers. It is resistant to a wide range of hazardous liquids and can be deployed in a variety of applications. Next on the list is Drumps Up, these are lightweight yet robust, made from tough and durable polyethylene. It is a secondary containment system that provides temporary bunding against spillage from 205litre drums. It has a 75.7 litre sump that will catch any drips keeping the working area safe and free from contamination. It can be used to capture leaks when used as a pumping station. This and other such products are available with Pittman’s traffic and safety equipment website.

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