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  • Biomats




    Bio Security Mats are a hard wearing, disinfectant retaining matting system that is designed to disinfect foot traffic around auction markets, intensive livestock farms, and food manufacturing and distribution plants.It is comprises of a superabsorbent...

  • Disinfectant Twin Track Traffic Mats


    Disinfectant Twin Track Traffic Mats


    Our hardwearing and effective Heavy Goods Vehicle Mats are an excellent method for helping to reduce the spread of diseases around farms, animal feed factories, food processing companies and theme and leisure parks.They were used extensively in the Foot...

  • Takmats




    How do they work? Placed at entrance to sensitive areas, they compel people to step on and off the mat Loose particles on the soles of the soles are detached and remain with resin As the layers become saturated with dirt they are peeled away and...

  • Track Grip


    Track Grip


    The Track Grip (Short) provides another simple yet effective way to protect track ballast from oil contamination. It is slip and flame resistant and is manufactured from materials that will not rot, splinter or wear out.It has superb resistance to many...

  • Railway Trackmats


    Railway Trackmats


    The Trackmat provides an efficient and secure method for preventing track ballast and railway sleepers from becoming contaminated with oil. It is constructed using a sturdy oil selective hydrophobic absorbent sheet that repels water. A tough backing...

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