Drum Storage

Are you looking for Drum Storage? Then you have come to the right place. The Flexible Drum Spillpallets is spill pallet for 4 drums. This pallet is extremely robust and durable. The pallet is stackable and pallet nests inside each other. The pallets are complaint with Oil Storage Regulations 2001. It has a removable grid for easy cleaning and has been constructed from non-corroding polyethylene. The stackable 4 drum spill pallet is a lightweight secondary containment system manufactured from tough and durable polyethylene for the storage of four 205 litre drums in accordance with Oil Storage Regulations 2001. It is resistant to a wide range of chemicals and suitable for containing oil leaks or spills. Should a spill occur the spill pallet features a removable grid to enable easy cleaning. Economical transportation – the spill pallets are stackable as the grid can be removed and each pallet nested inside other. Next on the list is Eco Black Spillpallets, these are cost effective alternative to 100% virgin polyethylene spill pallets. This is manufactured from 100% recycled polyethylene. It helps business achieve their carbon reduction commitments. This is complaint with Oil Storage Regulation of 2001. The forklift pockets enable easy transportation around the site. The pallet has a 5 year guarantee against manufacturing defects. It is constructed as a robust one piece unit, finished in black to disguise unsightly oil and grime marks. It features a removable grate for quick and easy cleaning. This and other such products are available on Pittman’s traffic and safety equipment website.  

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