Chemical Spill Neutralisation

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Searching for Chemical Spill Neutralisation materials? You have come to the right place on the site. Vytac Mercury supresses highly toxic mercury vapours following a spill, Vytac MVS and Vytac MIS should be used in combination. Both are used to quickly and effectively immobilise the vapours that emanate from mercury spills. The Vytac MIS supresses emissions of mercury vapour by turning liquid mercury into solid. The Vytac MIS protects against mercury vapours by binding liquid mercury and absorbing the vapours from air. They should be used in combination and are supplied as a part of Mercury spill kit. Next on the list is Vytac Bleach, it is a bleach neutraliser is a liquid neutralisation system for sodium hypochlorite. It neutralises 1.7litre and 3.4litre at 12% and 6% concentration levels respectively. It is user friendly, the neutralisers quickly render the bleach safe. There is a built-in indicator system – the powder changes colour when neutralisation is complete. The residues are safe to handle and are environmentally benign. Strong bleach should be diluted with water before neutralisation. A pink colour indicates complete neutralisation.
Next on the list is Chemical Spill Neutralisation powder. The acid neutralisation powder is designed to render acidic chemicals inert. The powder turns pink upon completion of the neutralisation process. Once the neutralisation is complete then powder can be disposed via the general waste. Vytax ACX is a chemical neutralisation powder designed to render chemicals inert and environmentally harmless. When the powder is mixed with spilled acid it will react generating a harmless gas. Vytac ACX has a built-in indicator system that will turn a bright colour to indicate when the acid has been completely neutralised. This and other such products are available on Pittmans’s traffic and safety equipment website. 

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