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Each of our speed cushions is made with the highest quality and is perfect for assisting with slowing down traffic in a given area. 

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Speed cushions are traffic calming bumps designed to slow vehicle traffic. The shape and placement of a speed cushion slows regular vehicles down while allowing larger vehicles to pass through with ease. Speed cushions are suited to towns and cities where there is frequent traffic and emergency vehicle access will be required.
How does a speed cushion work?
Speed cushions work by slowing vehicle traffic but allowing larger vehicles to pass through easily. Speed cushions are usually installed to leave gaps between each one - this allows emergency vehicles and HGVs to pass through without being affected by the bump. 
One of our most popular traffic cushions is the XPT Berlin Speed Cushion. This cushion is made entirely from rubber and comes in a modular format for easier install on site. The UV resistant makes it perfect for outdoor use and will be very durable outdoors.

How long to install a speed cushion?
A modular speed cushion can typically be installed in 2-3 hours. Once bolted down the speed cushion is ready to use immediately. 
Why use modular speed cushions?
Use modular speed cushions for harder wearing traffic calming. Where concrete speed cushions are harder to repair modular cushions are much more durable and can be replaced easily.
Our XPT London Speed Cushion System has proved to be extremely hard wearing on site at Heathrow Airport and provides excellent traffic calming for cars and coaches alike.

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