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Need to slow vehicle traffic? Talk with our Sleeping Policeman experts. Choose from our wide range of rubber sleeping policeman speed bumps made for cars and HGVs. The modular design provides fast installation and an instant speed deterrent. Reduce the risk of speeding vehicles to reduce traffic accidents.

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What is a Sleeping Policeman?
A sleeping policeman is essentially a speed bump or speed ramp. Once installed a speed ramp helps to reduce the speed of oncoming traffic where required. Sleeping policemen ramps are perfect for the likes of busy industrial estates, car parks, and warehouses.

The sleeping policeman name originates from the speed bump lying across the road and doing the job of a policeman i.e. slowing vehicle traffic. Installing a sleeping policeman not only helps to slow down traffic it also helps to promote safe driving in busy environments.

Sleeping policeman is a common name for speed bumps within the UK. Outside the UK sleeping policeman may also be known as a speed ramp, speed hump, judder bar or lying-down policeman.

A sleeping policeman ramp will provide a sharp bump to vehicles. This urges drivers to slow when in the area and avoid an uncomfortable bump if driven over at speed. A speed cushion differs from a sleeping policeman in that it provides a gentle bump. This allows urban traffic to flow at a reasonable speed instead of bringing it to a harder stop.

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Sleeping policeman bumps are one of the most common traffic calming measures on public UK roads. However, a speed table may be used to ensure emergency vehicle response times are not hindered.

One of the best-selling sleeping policeman products is the JSP Ridgeback Speed Bump Kit 50mm. This bump is ideal for both car and HGV traffic. They reduce car or truck speeds to as low as 10mph. These ramps come in 500mm sections which allow for quick installation where required. The kits will also include all fixings and a drill bit for quick and easy installation. The sleeping policeman ramps offer excellent traffic calming for cars and HGVs.

How easy is it to install sleeping policemen?
Sleeping policeman ramps can be installed quickly where needed. 
1) Mark the holes for each piece including mid-sections and end-caps and drill down as required
2) Once ready you can then tighten each fixing into the hole
3) Repeat this process for the rest of the sections until complete

One of the most popular sleeping policemen is the SafeRide 50 Speed Hump. The larger sections make it much easier to install. Each section is fitted with highly reflective integral markings for increased visibility while in use.

It is also important to install correct signage if you are installing a sleeping policeman to alert nearby motorists that they are in place and to allow them enough time to slow down.

sleeping policeman speed bumps

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