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Road humps are used to slow vehicle traffic down and promote better safety. The sharp hump makes for uncomfortable driving should drivers approach at too high a speed. Reducing the speed provides better safety for pedestrians and drivers alike. 

What is a road hump used for?
Road humps are used for slowing traffic down and promoting slower driving. The slower a driver proceeds over a speed hump, the easier the drive. Driving over a speed hump too fast risks damage to the vehicle.

One of our most popular options is the Safety Rider Speed Hump Kit. These highly durable speed humps come in kit sizes that allow you to install the size ramp you require in your area. The kits consist of as many mid-sections and end caps as needed, with all fixings included with your order. The speed bump position depends on where the speeding drivers are consistently speeding or where the immediate danger may be to pedestrians. 

Another popular option is our Easy Rider Complete Speed Bump Kit. These humps come in 1200 or 1800mm sections that allow for FAST installation instead of other road hump options. The added feature of the channel underneath the sections also means that you can run cables from one end to the other, offering excellent protection to wires and cables on roadways, ideal for temporary installations or works.

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