Slow Stop Guarding Systems
Slow Stop Rebounding Bollard

The Slow Stop Rebounding Bollard provides a high quality, highly durable means of protecting assets or infrastructure - bending to reduce damage to the impacting vehicle or machine and the bollard itself

  • 1000mm high
  • Choice of 76mm, 102mm, 140mm or 178mm diameter
  • Highly durable galvanised steel
  • Powder coated yellow - high visibility
  • Rebounds if struck - excellent damage reduction
  • Ideal for busy warehouses, freight depots and more
  • Easy installation - includes base and fixings

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The Slow Stop Rebounding Bollard provides excellent protection to nearby assets, columns, corners or important points for various types of environments.  Each bollard comes with a heavy duty base and fixings for quick and easy installation on site. Once installed the bollards can provide an excellent means of highlighting important areas to machinery users, forklift dirivers and more.

Each bollard is made from tough galvanised steel and provides excellent durability while in use. To install simply install the base directly into the ground - once installed the post itself can be inserted into it and fastened into place with great ease.

The elastomer in the base of the bollard allows it to bend in the instance that impact occurs - this helps to reduce the damage to both the bollard and the impacting force itself should it happen. Once the vehicle has moved off the bollard will spring back into place immediately, providing better assistance and durability than the likes of a static, fixed bollard.

The Slow Stop Rebounding Bollard comes in 4 different diameters - 76mm, 102mm, 140mm and 178mm. This allows you to choose the diameter that best suits your requirements.

76mm diameter - ideal for light applications with pallet trucks or carts. Also suitable for residential use.

102mm diameter - ideal for medium applications with slow moving cars, light trucks or 2 tonne forklifts.

140mm diameter - ideal for heavier applications with cars, large trucks and forklifts.

178mm diameter - ideal for extra heavy applications such as HGVs, large forklifts and more. Ideal for loading docks.

Product Specifications

76mm diameter

Height: 1000mm

Diameter: 76.1mm

Weight: 17kg

Energy Absorption: 1.621 joules

Fixings: Hilti HUSH M14 x 135 Anchor

102mm diameter

Height: 1000mm

Diameter: 101.6mm

Weight: 28.5kg

Energy Absorption: 2.667 joules

Fixings: Hilti HUSH M14 x 135 Anchor

140mm diameter

Height: 1000mm

Diameter: 139.7mm

Weight: 48kg

Energy Absorption: 7.000 joules

Fixings: Hilti HUSH M14 x 135 Anchor

178mm diameter

Height: 1000mm

Diameter: 177.8mm

Weight: 75kg

Energy Absorption: 12.934 joules

Fixings: Hilti HUSH M14 x 135 Anchor

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