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  • Classic Smoking Shelter

    Classic Smoking Shelter


    The Classic Smoking Shelter can provide excellent protection to smokers on a given premises and helps to protect them from wind and rain while smoking outdoors. Each smoking shelter comes as flat packed for easy self install on site.  The smoking...

  • Ash Smoking Shelter

    Ash Smoking Shelter


    The Ash Smoking Shelter provides an excellent means of protecting smokers while they are outdoors, ideal for large business premises or hospitals where there may be many smokers at a time. Each smoking shelter is made from hot-dip galvanised steel and...

  • Barrow Smoking Shelter

    Barrow Smoking Shelter


    The Barrow Smoking Shelter is a perfect addition to any business premises where there may be regular smokers going outdoors. The smoking shelter can be installed quickly and easily into concrete and provides instant benefits to the area. As smokers now...

  • Liffey Smoking Shelter


    Liffey Smoking Shelter


    The Liffey Smoking Shelter can be easily installed into many outdoor environments and provides instant cover for smokers.  These smoking shelters can be easily installed into the likes of business premises, hospital smoking areas, office blocks and...

  • Mayfair Smoking Shelter

    Mayfair Smoking Shelter


    The Mayfair Smoking Shelter provides an excellent means of allowing smokers to engage in smoking while on a business premises, ideal for protecting them from the elements while they do so and allowing businesses to create excellent smoking areas. Each...

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