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Shelters provide an excellent means for protecting pedestrians from harsh weather. Shelters also provide protection to the likes of bicycles, trolley stations, paystations and more. 

Choose from an excellent range of shelters - ideal for quick installation on site for instant on site benefits.

What types of shelters are there?

There are 4 main types of shelters - 

  • Bike Shelters - use bike shelters to protect stored bikes from harsh weather. Ideal for business premises, schools and more. Protecting bikes can deter the risk of bike theft and reduce weathering.
  • Smoking Shelters - smoking shelters can protect smokers from harsh weather outdoors. These shelters are popular at business premises and warehouses.
  • Paystation Shelters - paystation shelters will protect car park users from rain. These shelters are usually installed around car park machines and provide a better experience for multi-storey users.
  • Bus Shelters - protect bus passengers from rain using bus shelters. These shelters can combine with streetscapes to boost public transport.

Where to install bike shelters

Bike shelters offer an excellent means for protecting bicycles. Use in outdoor areas to protect them from rain. Bike shelters are highly common in schools, colleges, business premises, hospitals and more. The shelters allow for excellent coverage of bike owners while parking or removing their bike.
One of the most popular options is the Brooklyn Bike Shelter. This shelter covers a large amount of bicycles at once and protects them from rain overhead. Combine with bicycle racks for instant bike storage setups.

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Where to use smoking shelters

Use smoking shelters to protect employees or customer from harsh weather when smoking outdoors. Smoking shelters are very common at large business premises, hospitals, public areas and more. The shelters offer excellent protection for smokers while on cigarette breaks.
An excellent smoking shelter option is the Classic Smoking Shelter. This shelter comes with a high quality steel and aluminium design. The roof is made with an impact resistant polycarbonate - perfect for protecting smokers.

Where to use paystation shelters

Use paystation shelters to protect car park users while paying fees. These shelters are ideal for outdoor car park areas and help to keep customers dry. 
The Voute Paystation Shelter Provides instant cover for paystations. The top is equipped with a 6mm UV treated canopy. The sides of the unti are made with a tougened safety glass. These paystation shelters are ideal for private car parks - use in shopping centres, hospitals and more.

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Bus shelters to boost public bus routes

Bus shelters can help public bus routes in several ways

  • Protect bus passengers - using bus shelters will protect bus passengers from rain while they are waiting for buses.
  • Encourage public bus use - having bus shelters in place will encourage more use of buses on that street. By having shelters in place bus passengers will feel more protected and safe.
  • Additional advertising space - bus shelters are a common place for advertising to be used. Use shelters to display local advertising of brands, shops and more.

Combine bus shelters or smoking shelters with seating or park benches to provide an improved experience for pedestrians. The seating will allow people to sit in the space with increased comfort.

Outdoor notice boards will also allow businesses and premises to display important information to nearby pedestrians. Use them to display bus timetables, important information and more.

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