Semi-circular Surface Protection Foam
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High quality impact protection foam for use on edges or unsafe surfaces

  • For indoor and outdoor use.
  • High quality PU foam.
  • Absorbs impacts while retaining shape.
  • Resistant to UV light and solvents.
  • Temperature resistant.

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The Semi-circular 40/32 (1M) Self-adhesive Impact Protection Foam is specifically designed to prevent head injuries that can result from accidental contact with hard surfaces or edges at head level. In seconds, the Semi-circular 40/32 (1M) Self-adhesive Impact Protection Foam can completely neutralise a potential safety hazard by offering effective impact protection and a highly visible visual warning.

Very often in a busy industrial environment, machinery, mezzanine floors and a myriad of other surfaces can present a significant safety hazard, with sharp edges that can seriously injure workers or visitors who are unfortunate enough to accidentally walk into them. Often, taking cautionary measures like placing warning signs or painting edges in bright colours can be ineffective at significantly reducing the risk of injury.

The Semi-circular 40/32 (1M) Self-adhesive Impact Protection Foam negates this problem with its semi-circular profile, which is perfect for providing effective impact protection on hazardous edges. When placed at head level, this product will not only make the edge highly visible with its eye-catching black and yellow design, it will also effectively negate any threat of injury, as the relatively soft foam absorbs the impact effectively. Safety conscious employers realise just how valuable this type of safety equipment can be.

Safety precautions like this can take hours to customise and install, but that is certainly not the case with the Semi-circular 40/32 (1M) Self-adhesive Impact Protection Foam. The product comes in one metre lengths which can easily be cut to size - using a sharp knife or fine saw blade – to fit your requirements. The self adhesive backing means that you will have highly effective impact protection in seconds. It’s easy to see why the Semi-circular 40/32 (1M) Self-adhesive Impact Protection Foam remains one of our most popular pieces of safety equipment.

Note: 1 metre lengths and 5 metre lengths of the impact protection foam differ slightly in colour, with the yellow on the 5 metre lengths being brighter.

Product Specifications:

Length: 1000mm

Width: 30mm

Height: 30mm

Thickness: 10mm

Material: PU (Polyurethane)

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