Proline Line Marking Paint Applicators
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Easily Mark Car Park or Warehouse Floors with Great Efficiency

  • Choose from 3 different line marking machine types
  • Suitable for use with our Proline Line Marking Paint
  • Helps to paint neat, consistent lines
  • Easy to use - deploy paint in seconds
  • Rubber handles - excellent grip at all times
  • HandLiner - suitable for roads, walls and more
  • PROLiner - paint lines 50-75mm wide
  • ROADLiner - paint lines 100-135mm wide

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HANDLiner Paint Applicator
The Proline HANDLiner Line Marker is designed to help you make neat, consistent lines when marking off parking bays or pathways or any other job which requires painting neat lines of roads, floors or walls. If you ever tried to create a line of consistent thickness using just a can of spray paint, then you know how challenging, messy and expensive this job can be.

PROLiner Line Marking Machine
The PROLiner Line Marking Machine lets you easily spray 50mm-75mm lines by squeezing the trigger on the applicator and walking along per defined lines. It's quick and easy to adjust the size of your lines, allowing you to mark up to 25 metres of line per minute. It's simple to assemble, and the rear wheels can be removed for marking close to walls or other immovable objects.

ROADLiner Line Marking Machine
Similar to the PROLiner, the ROADLiner lets you mark larger lines, reaching between 100mm-130mm in size. This is possible thanks to the smart 2-can design allowing you to spray 2 cans at once giving you wider, well defined lines.

Each of the PROLine Line Marking Machines about can be used with our 750ml PROLine line marking paint aerosol cans. 8 different colours are available, letting you easily mark out areas.

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