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Deter Vehicle Theft With A Security Post - Wide Range With FAST Delivery

At Pittman we have a vast range of security post and parking bollard options, ideal for installing at your own private home to deter would-be car thieves or at your place of business or similar area where you need to prevent motorists from entering beyond a certain point. Using a security post is a sure way to deter thieves and is perfect for providing a security option when you need it most.
What kind of security post could I use at home?
When it comes to using a security post at home there are many options to choose from. The Autobahn Fold Down Parking Post provides excellent deterrence against theft for your own personal car at home. This driveway security post is quick and easy to install and provides instant benefits from the moment it’s inserted into your driveway. Made from hot-dip galvanised steel these security posts offer excellent resistance against the elements and will last very long time outdoors. Each of the bollards is equipped with a euro profile cylinder lock at the top of the bollard – to unlock the bollard simply use the keys that come with the bollard and fold down with ease. When your car is back in place you can simply pull the bollard upright once again where it will click back into position.
What kind of security post could I use at my business premises?
If you require a security post with heavy-duty protection you could try our BudgetBollard Anti Ram-Raid Retractable Security Post. Where the previously mentioned bollard is bolted to the surface, this excellent security post is concrete under the ground to offer the ultimate deterrent to car thieves and even shop thieves where these bollards can be used in front of shutter doors and warehouse entrances. Once installed under the ground this retractable security post allows you to quickly pull the main part of the bollard up into position where it can be locked with the discus padlock provided.

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