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Deter Would-Be Car Thieves - Driveway Security Posts Delivered Fast

Use Driveway Security Posts to give your vehicle the best protection against theft. Choose from a wide range of fold-down, removable and retractable security post options. The posts offer fast and easy installation for instant peace of mind and protection of your vehicle.

Best-Selling Driveway Security Posts

Autobahn Fold Down Parking Post
Autobahn Removable Parking Post
My Space Fold Down Bollard
Rhine Fold Down Bollard

Driveway Security Post
At Pittman we have a vast range of Driveway Security Post and Driveway Bollard options that are perfect for deterring theft of your vehicle while it is being stored at home. Installing a driveway security post is an excellent way of protecting your assets or property, especially when you have put so much money into them.

What is a driveway security post?
Driveway security posts are essentially a bollard or post that can be installed in a driveway as well as many other places to help deter the theft of your vehicle. By installing one of these posts behind your car, in front of a garage door etc. you are deterring a would-be thief from taking your car, letting them know that it would be difficult to even try to. There are many variations of driveway security posts available from us here at Pittman – a popular option is the Heavy Duty Fold Down Security Post. This tough steel security post can be installed directly into concrete and provides instant protection. Equipped with a discus padlock these security posts fold down towards the ground and can be locked in either the upright or horizontal position.
When you need to join chains between posts and close off larger areas try our Navan Removable Bollard witih Chain Eyes - this bollard can be removed from the socket when not needed and can provide a quick means of joining chains with the chain eyes.

Can I get a telescopic driveway security post?
Yes – one of our other popular security post options is the BudgetBollard Heavy Duty Retractable Security Post. Where the previous option allowed you to bolt the bollard to the surface, this bollard will be sunk under the ground. When needed the security post can be pulled up into position and locked into place with the discus padlock. These security posts are ideal for using directly behind a car or indeed in front of a garage door to ward off thieves. In some cases they have also been used in front of shop doors where they can provide safety to a premises.


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