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barrier post is used to quickly cordon off an area and deny entry to pedestrians. Barrier posts come in many different forms and can be installed quickly and easily on site. Barrier posts can be used to

  • Deter entry
  • Direct traffic
  • Protect assets from damage

A steel barrier post is typically bolted into the ground. For permanent installation sub-surface options may also be available.
The Autobahn Steel Barrier Post is made from hot-dip galvanised steel. The tough allows it to protect assets in case of impact from work vehicles. They are ideal for protecting structures, machinery and more.
The Autobahn Impact Recovery Bollard is a flexible version of the same barrier post. This version uses a rubber spring system in the bottom of the bollard to bend on impact. They are suitable for heavy-duty requirements. Use in areas with frequent forklift activity.

Steel barrier posts are ideal for using the likes of car parks and warehouse environments. They can be used to deter entry into an area or protect nearby assets from the likes of work vehicles and forklifts. The Spring Loaded Barrier Post can be installed into concrete and is ideal for busy freight depots and warehouses. Once installed they can protect pallet racking, columns, pillars and more from impacting work vehicles. If impact occurs they will bend to reduce the damage.

There are 2 options for installing a barrier post - surface mount and sub-surface mount. Surface mount barrier posts can be bolted into the ground quickly. Sub-surface posts must be cast in concrete. This results in a more permanent fixing. Depending on your requirment you may favour one option over the other.

The Defender Barrier Sub Surface Post can be cast in concrete. The heavy-duty barrier post is made from hot-dip galvanised steel for excellent rust resistance. The included anchor bar helps the bollard to remain stable after installation. The posts are ideal for warehouse floors where they can protect infrastructure from work vehicle impact.

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