Panoramic 360 Degree Acrylic Dome Mirror
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High quality 360 degree acrylic dome convex mirror, ideal for using indoors.

Don't forget to purchase the chain set for the dome mirror if you wish to suspend it from the ceiling.

  • Available in 5 different sizes
  • Provides a clear view for a larger area
  • Widens the vision for employees in workplace
  • Aids with security and safety
  • Can be mounted directly into a flat surface
  • Optional chains for hanging mirror - not included
  • Tough durable design - shatterproof

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The Panoramic 360 Degree Acrylic Dome Convex Mirror is a domed security mirror that is ideal for internal use, allowing you to keep an eye on parts of your premises that would otherwise be obscured. Install a safe and useful product that is recommended by many employer liability insurance associations. It not only widens your scope of vision but also aids security and employee safety.

Pittman's Panoramic 360 Degree Acrylic Dome Convex Mirror brings you an affordable semi-spherical security mirror that can be screwed onto flat surfaces in any area of your establishment. Alternatively, it can be suspended by a chain so it hangs at the correct height for your convenience. It has the ability to seamlessly blend in with your decor and is an attractive feature which won't detract from your setup or theme.

Benefits of getting the Panoramic 360 Degree Acrylic Dome Convex Mirror online:

  • 360 degree vision with no distortion. Keep in mind that the larger the mirror the larger the field of vision.
  • Assistance in security, as the mirror is a theft deterrent, as well as an accident prevention aid.
  • Compatibility with a variety of locations, from hospitals and warehouses to retail outlets and manufacturing areas.
  • It's lightweight, made from shock resistant acrylic and easy to install.
  • Comes in five sizes - 600, 800, 900, 1000 and 1250mm.

Enjoy a clear and wide field of view with the Panoramic 360 Degree Acrylic Dome Convex Mirror and ensure you always know what's going on around you.


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