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  • RampMat Multi Purpose Mat

    RampMat Multi Purpose Mat


    The Rampmat Anti Fatigue Matting can be deployed to site quickly and easily and provides excellent relief and cushioning to employee feet at all times, ideal in areas where they have to stand for long periods of time such as packaging desks, assembly...

  • Cushion Ease Anti-Fatigue Mat


    Cushion Ease Anti-Fatigue Mat


    The Cushion Ease Heavy Duty Modular Rubber Mat with holes for excellent drainage and aeration leaving a dry, clean work areas. The interlocking mats allows on-site customisation. Simply snap-together units of 91cm x 91cm that can be assembled...

  • High-Duty Anti-Slip Matting

    High-Duty Anti-Slip Matting


    The High-Duty Anti-Slip Matting can be used to provide excellent grip and stability for pedestrians who are traversing over them - ideal for the likes of industrial areas and factories where employees need grip while working on a regular basis. Each mat...

  • High-Duty Grit Anti-Slip Matting

    High-Duty Grit Anti-Slip Matting


    The High-Duty Grit Anti-Slip Matting provides the ultimate anti-slip measure for a workplace, ideal for helping to prevent slips and falls in the workplace - especially where oil and grease may be falling to the floor. Each mat is made from a high...

  • K-Mat Anti-Slip Matting

    K-Mat Anti-Slip Matting


    The K-Mat Anti-Slip Matting provides excellent anti-slip properties for a busy, greasy environment like a professional kitchen. Each mat is made from 100% nitrile rubber and provides excellent durability while in use. The mats come in an 85cm x 150cm...

  • Orthomat® Ultimate Anti-Fatigue Mat

    Orthomat® Ultimate Anti-Fatigue Mat


    The Orthomat Ultimate Anti-Fatigue Matting can be installed quickly and easily into site and provides excellent anti-fatigue properties for employees standing for long periods of time. Each mat is made from high quality Virgin Closed Cell PVC, providing...

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