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  • Orthomat® Ultimate Anti-Fatigue Mat

    Orthomat® Ultimate Anti-Fatigue Mat


    The Orthomat Ultimate Anti-Fatigue Matting can be installed quickly and easily into site and provides excellent anti-fatigue properties for employees standing for long periods of time. Each mat is made from high quality Virgin Closed Cell PVC, providing...

  • High-Duty Anti-Slip Matting

    High-Duty Anti-Slip Matting


    The High-Duty Anti-Slip Matting can be used to provide excellent grip and stability for pedestrians who are traversing over them - ideal for the likes of industrial areas and factories where employees need grip while working on a regular basis. Each mat...

  • K-Mat Anti-Slip Matting

    K-Mat Anti-Slip Matting


    The K-Mat Anti-Slip Matting provides excellent anti-slip properties for a busy, greasy environment like a professional kitchen. Each mat is made from 100% nitrile rubber and provides excellent durability while in use. The mats come in an 85cm x 150cm...

  • High-Duty Grit Anti-Slip Matting

    High-Duty Grit Anti-Slip Matting


    The High-Duty Grit Anti-Slip Matting provides the ultimate anti-slip measure for a workplace, ideal for helping to prevent slips and falls in the workplace - especially where oil and grease may be falling to the floor. Each mat is made from a high...

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