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Our Swarf Mats and industrial mats are available for fast delivery, with a large choice of sizes and designs to choose from. Swarf mats are becoming more and more popular in workplaces, helping businesses to keep their areas clean and safe.
What is swarf?
Swarf is the fine cuttings or filings of stone, metal or other materials that come from a machine. 
What are swarf mats?
Swarf mats are loose lay mats that catch the filings (swarf) and prevent them spreading.
How does a swarf mat work?
Swarf mats have a design on the surface to catch and trap the filings. 
One of our most popular mats is the Orthomat Ultimate Anti-Fatigue Mat. The diamond top surface helps to provide grip to pedestrians and trap swarf for easier cleaning. The rubber swarf mat is perfect for industrial use.
How to clean swarf mats?
Swarf mats can be cleaned using detergents to scrub thoroughly - the mats are oil and chemical resistant and will not corrode after cleaning.
How to install swarf mats?
Swarf mats come in a loose lay format for easy install on site. Our High-Duty Anti Slip Matting can be connected with other mats to install over a larger area. The holes in the industrial mattting allow for drainage of fluids and the surface would catch some degree of swarf.

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