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Outdoor Mats Reduce Indoor Cleaning Costs - FAST Delivery From Stock

Outdoor mats reduce expensive cleaning costs for business entrances. By removing dirt and debris from shoes it prevents them from spreading indoors. Use outdoor mats to keep indoor areas clean. 
What are outdoor mats made from?
Outdoor mats are made from rubber. Rubber lasts much longer than other materials and provides excellent anti slip properties. The rubber backing of the mat also helps to keep mats in place.
What do outdoor mats do?
Outdoor mats can - 

  • Provide a way for pedestrians to wipe their feet before entering a building
  • Reduce expensive indoor cleaning costs
  • Keep indoors looking clean and presentable
  • Provide grip and stability for pedestrians

A mat like the Fingertip Rubber Entrance Mat can be used to removed dirt and debris from shoes before they enter the premises. The excellent rubber design makes it ideal for using outside a business entrance, school entrance and more. The rubber bristles remove debris by getting into the hard-to-reach parts of a shoe. 

Why do outdoor mats have holes?
The holes in outdoor mats allow for drainage. They will allow for the safe drainage of rainwater, providing better safety for pedestrians. The reduced buildiup of liquids allows for better grip on pedestrian shoes.
The Superscrape Outdoor Rubber Mat is a typical example of outdoor matting and can be placed at entrances to scrape dirt before pedestrians spread dirt around your premises. The loose lay format of the mats allows them to be installed with great ease on site. The grooved surface gets into hard to reach places on shoes and removes unwanted debris.

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