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Matting for grass can be used to provide walkways between areas and to protect grass from damage. Grass matting is usally made from rubber - the rubber mats provide better grip for pedestrians. Each grass mat can be rolled out on site for instant use.
What are grass mats used for?
Grass mats are used to provide grip for pedestrians while walking on a grass area. Grass mats are usually made from perforated rubber to allow for drainage of rainwater. This matting provides grip for pedestrians while also protecting grass from heavy damage. 
Matting for grass is usually used for outdoor events - it's popular with car shows, flower shows and more.
Our ever popular EASI rubber grass matting comes in two size and two thickness options that are suitable for use in any outdoor environment. Each mat is made from highly durable natural rubber. They allow for excellent drainage where rainwater is concerned allowing the surface to remain clear.

How to install matting for grass?
Grass matting comes in a roll for direct installation to the grass. There is no requirement for any tools or other items with install - simply roll out for instant use.
If you require a long grass matting roll the Array Grass Matting is also an excellent choice - this grass mat comes in a 10 metre roll and can be deployed to site in seconds, allowing you to cover large areas. The excellent anti-slip surface provides excellent grip to pedestrians while also having great anti-fatigue properties to reduce the strain in pedestrian feet while the mat is in use. 
For more information on our grass protection mat range get in touch with our expert team - we can advise the best solution to your needs and help you choose the right product for your project.

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