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At Pittman we have the best selection of Interlocking Floor Mats and rubber matting that allows you to create a safer, more efficient workplace. Each mat is made with the highest quality and can be used to provide better grip to pedestrians while also protecting floors.
What are interlocking floor mats used for?
Interlocking floor mats can be used to provide grip to pedestrians. Interlocking mats are usually made from a rubber material that allows for easy insertion together. These mats are ideal for business settings such as assembly lines, factory floors and more. 
One of our most popular interlocking floor mats is the Deckplate Connect Anti Fatigue Mat - this highly durable rubber matting can be connected with a combination of middle and end sections to create the mat length you need. The diamond pattern on the surface of the mat provides excellent grip to pedestrian feet and makes it highly suitable for busy environments.
Why use interlocking floor mats?
Use interlocking floor mats for easier matting installation. The jigsaw style design of the mats allows for fast installation and custom setups on site. Interlocking mats could also help you save money on matting, allowing you to create custom flooring sections without the need for cutting mats or buying full mat rolls.
One of our cheapest interlocking floor mats is the Tough Lock Eco Anti Slip Industrial Matting - this mat comes in a pack of 4 mats with an option for adding edging or corner sections to complete matting setups.

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