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  • GHP Rubber Mat

    GHP Rubber Mat


    The GHP Rubber Mat allows you to walk safely outdoors in the harsh wintery conditions. The surface of the mat has holes throughout the mat, allowing rain water and snow to melt and run away leaving the top surface dry, reducing the risk of slipping...

  • Superdry Entrance Matting

    Superdry Entrance Matting


    The Superdry Entrnace Matting can be installed into place with ease and provides instant benefits for the said business. Each mat helps to stop dirt and debris from moving beyond a business entrance - helping you to cut down on your expensive cleaning...

  • COBAwash® Washable Entrance Matting

    COBAwash® Washable Entrance Matting


    The COBAwash® Washable Entrance Matting can be deployed directly to site and provides and excellent means of keeping indoor areas dry and clean. Each mat is made from high quality nylon and polyester which helps to stop dirt and debris before it has...

  • Fingertip Rubber Entrance Mat

    Fingertip Rubber Entrance Mat


    The Fingertip Rubber Entrance Mat gives you a highly economical means to remove dirt and debris from shoes before it has a change to spread throughout your building. Not only do these rubber entrance mats help to keep your premises clean and reducing...

  • Optibrush Entrance Mat

    Optibrush Entrance Mat


    The Optibrush Entrance Mat provides an excellent means for removing dirt from pedestrian shoes before entering a building, helping to keep premises clean while reducing expensive cleaning costs. The highly durable nylon fibres assist with scraping dirt...

  • SuperScrape Outdoor Rubber Mat

    SuperScrape Outdoor Rubber Mat


    The SuperScrape Outdoor Rubber Mats provide an excellent method for removing dirt and debris from shoes before they have a chance of leaving dirt around your building. By removing this dirt and debris early on it helps save on massive cleaning costs and...

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