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What are Anti-Fatigue Mats used for?
Anti-fatigue mats are used to reduce fatigue in employees feet when standing for long periods. It’s been scientifically proven that workers who need to stand for a long period of time as part of their job develop lower limb disorders. This includes the uncomfortable condition Plantar Fasciitis, which results in pain in the heel and underfoot area.
How do anti fatigue mats work?
Anti fatigue mats provide a cushioning effect resulting in less discomfort and better circulation to the lower limbs. This reduces leg and foot tiredness. They also feature a thermal insulating effect which works to combat the cold air that rises from concrete floors.
The mat surfaces are also anti-slip for better stability and grip, helping to prevent incidences of slipping or tripping while at work. 
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What is the most popular anti fatigue mat?
PITTMAN stock a wide range of anti-fatigue mats in different designs suitable for all kinds of workplace environment – as well as in wet or cold conditions. The RampMat Multi Purpose Mat is one of the most popular rubber mat options in our range and is a general purpose mat, ideal for wet and cold conditions. Manufactured from a tough rubber compound the lightweight and easy to clean matting features drainage holes enabling fluids and debris to pass through while keeping the surface clean and providing an effective anti-slip surface for grip, while the mat also works to reduce leg tiredness and strain.
Another popular anti-fatigue mat is our Plate Runner Rubber Mat, ideal for placing in areas prone to harmful accidents. Resistant to most chemicals the mat is ideal for use in factory assembly lines or in passageways frequented by carts and trolleys. Its thick design and unique insulating properties help to ensure worker comfort. 
The Orthomat Ultimate Anti Fatigue Mat is a stylish, rubber matting system that provides comfort for the long term. Heavy duty enough to deploy in an industrial setting the mat would also look right at home in the office. As well as providing a comfortable working environment, the soft rubber mat will help to avoid breakages when items fall to the floor, while it’s smooth surface makes it easy to keep clean.
Designed to take the strain from standing employees you will soon see the benefits of safety matting in the form of happier employees and greater productivity.
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